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Requirements to Prepare Own Script Writing Sample

Not only does writing a commercial script need to be done to a defined standard so does how you present it. There are very precise rules for the binding and presentation of your sample commercial script and these must be followed precisely. Failing to meet the industry expectations for binding and presenting your sample commercial scripts could result in them simply never getting read.

The front page of your script is formatted in a very simple manner, resembling to one of the script writing sample below. You will use 12pt Courier font and put your scripts title and “written by” in the center of the page only. The only other information that will be placed on the front page is your contact information which should appear in the bottom left or right corner and a copyright or WGA notification that will appear in the opposite bottom corner, although this is not a requirement. Never put decorations or pictures on your front page if you want your work to be taken seriously.


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For the actual pages of the script you will set the margins at 1.5” for the left hand and the other margins will all be set at 1”. The additional space on the left hand margin is to make room for the binding of your script. The writing on each page will also be in 12pt courier, the reason being that a single page written in this font will be around a minute of actual screen time making it easy to judge the length of a screenplay by the number of pages.

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Commercial Script Sample

Commercial script writing is not easy, especially if you want to produce something that is going to get the attention of the audience and have them take the action that you want them to take. Our script examples help you to understand how you should be combining both the visual and audio aspects of the commercial to get the best effect.

Our experts know the correct ways to format your scripts so that the production people will be able to follow the information that is contained correctly. They know just how everything should be done to make your job so much easier.

Our sample commercial scripts demonstrate to you just how your own should be written if you want to get it right. It also shows the level of support that we will be able to provide for you should you require help with writing your own script for a commercial.

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Company Intro Video Script Sample

Our sample scripts for your company introduction provide you with an example that will show you just how yours should be written. Our script writing sample gives you an idea of the sorts of things that should be introduced through the audio and visual side of your video and the pace that should be used for your shooting.

Company videos are rarely very long yet you have to be able to introduce a huge amount of information in a way that is going to be memorable as well as persuasive. This is a significant marketing tool for your business and needs to be treated as such. Our sample of script writing provides you with the guidance that you need to understand just how your own should be put together.

Our samples can be used to guide your writing but should never be simply copied or adapted for your own use. Your company will be unique and the video script that you will need to introduce it will need to be unique to you.

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Explainer Video Script Example

Our explainer video script examples provide you with a view of how this style of script should be put together. It takes you step by step through how to align the visual and also the audio portions of the video that you are making.

Our script writing samples are done in a professional manner so that you will be guided fully in how your own writing should be performed. Our samples show more than just the writing, we guide you on the formatting that you should be using as well as providing help with the pace at which your video should be moving at through the script.

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What Is Required for Binding Samples of Commercial Scriptwriting?

Professional script writing requires you to have the right materials. Using anything less will simply tell anyone receiving your script that you are not a professional. So you must ensure that you get your materials from a reputable supplier that provides specifically for script writers.

If we say about how to bind your sample commercial script, it must always be bound with care if you are to make the right impression on the reader. There is little point in spending days preparing the script if you then take shortcuts and fail to present your work in the most effective way.

The following are the process and the materials that you will need for binding your script writing examples:

  1. Script covers: these come in card or in linen depending on your preference and are used to protect and present your script.
  2. Three hole bright white paper: this is the standard that is used for printing your script on and should be the best quality if you are to impress.
  3. Brass fasteners: these should be Acco No. 5 size when binding a script of up to 120 pages. For longer scripts No. 6 size should be used. These are commonly known as “Brads”.

professional script writing examples

  1. Brass washers: turn over the script and push the brass washers down onto the arms of the fasteners. Open the legs of the fasteners so that they are spread out tight across the back of the script. Use the mallet to ensure that this is a tight fit. These will ensure that your pages will not simply pull away from the brads as they are read and to close the two together.
  2. Script mailers: you will not simply mail out your script in a standard manila envelope if you want it properly protected. Use the script mailers for sending out your sample commercial script to any interested parties. These are self-sealing and will ensure that your scripts get there in good condition.
  3. Binding Mallet: if it is your first time to bind then you will need a mallet for closing the brads without damaging the paper.
  4. Sample printing: print your sample of script writing using a good quality printer in black ink only.
  5. Title page and the script: insert your title page and the script into the script cover. The front and back pages of the cover should remain completely blank as they are only there for the purposes of protection.
  6. Brads: from the front insert your brads so that they push all the way through the script from front to back.

As a person who wants to write a script, you can never read too many scripts. Think of reading scripts as your study time, with your scriptwriting as your actual work. Here we’ve prepared scripts samples for you. If you are currently writing a script it can be most helpful to read through other scripts.

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