Script Doctoring Services

Script writing can take a lot of your time not to mention effort to complete this task. What makes this job more challenging is the fact that you need to impress those who will read your script. Even if you think that you’ve done a good job with your screenplay it’s not a bad idea to hire a script doctor to view your work. This way, any errors that you may have committed unknowingly can be seen and revised accordingly.

Script Doctoring Service

A movie script doctor is not simply an editor there to improve your writing. Our script doctor services provide you with high level support to ensure that your script is significantly improved. Often a script doctor is called in when the script is found to be lacking that little something that makes it perfect. The problem is that most just can’t fathom what that little something is.

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Script doctors will be able to identify the issues with your screenwriting and then rewrite those areas of your script that require work. This can be focused on a specific area that you have identified such as an individual scene or it could involve the rewriting of the entire script. Our script consultant will work with you collaboratively to ensure that your script will be moved in the direction that you are seeking.

How Does Script Doctoring Differ from Editing?

Editing typically focuses on improving the writing itself. While an editor may change the words being used, alter the flow of the dialog, or even make improvements to the transitions your script will still be very much based around what you provided to the editor. While this may make significant improvements to your work, it sometimes is not enough to make your script succeed.

The best script doctors are able to quickly see the issues that may be holding back your script. Sometimes a script will just fall flat and not inspire the reaction that the writer was looking for. Even if the writing appears technically perfect it may still lack something that makes it an excellent script. This can revolve around how the characters have been developed, the pace of the script, and a host of other areas that all come together to make that perfect script. A script doctor is able to provide you with creative input to your writing while never appearing on the credits for your screenplay.

Even the best writers can benefit from using a screenwriting specialist. In fact in today’s age the industry rarely relies on a single individual to produce a script. Often the role of producing a script will fall to a team work together.

When Should You Call for the Screen Editing?

Many will hire a screenwriter or try to do the work themselves but often this is not enough to produce that script that will tick all of the boxes. If you are in a situation like any of the following then it really is time to get in touch with our script doctor services:

  • Your script shows huge promise, but just does not seem to deliver on those promises.
  • You know that there is a problem, but you are just too close to your script to see it.
  • Your characters don’t seem to relate to each other in a believable way.
  • The dialog fails to get the attention of the listener and there are no memorable lines.
  • Your emotion seems to just fall flat and not inspire the audience.

script doctor services

Even the best screenwriters have issues and need help so don’t feel worried about needing help. While many blockbusters have used script doctors not all will advertise that fact. In fact it is rare that anyone will know at all, and the doctor’s name certainly will not be appearing in the credits. For instance the latest Star Wars movies have all received massive rewrites to the original scripts to help improve them.

The following are some well known movies where a talented script doctor was used to help improve the movie beyond was felt to be a flawed script:

  1. Hook, Sister Act, and Lethal Weapon 3 all received help from a very well known screenwriter and author Carrie Fisher.
  2. Schindler’s list, The Rock, and Enemy of the State all received help from Aaron Sorkin.
  3. The script for The Godfather was rewritten by Robert Towne.

Where to find Script Polishing Service

A script doctor is the best person to review your script after you’ve written it because he has the expertise on how to dissect, edit, and revise existing scripts until they have been polished to perfection. Even film companies hire them to double check their work before they even start producing a film. You too should look for such an expert online if you want a professional to give your script a thorough going over so that you’ll be more confident when submitting your work to directors and producers.

Doctor Script Service

If you have an existing script that you think needs a little more work, your best bet would be to hire a script doctor to help you out. Scripts are usually revised time and time again until a well-polished version has been reached. Although you can let your family and friends review your work for you, it’s better to have an expert help doctor your work for you. Fortunately, this is what we are good at. All that you have to do is send us your script and we’ll assign a script doctor to you.

How Can Our Script Doctor for Hire Help You?

If you have a ghostwriter script that is lacking or your own work needs improvement then our services are here to help you. We can provide you with the support that you need. We offer our services at many different levels depending on the help that you need and can tailor our support accordingly. If you feel that you need just a simple review of your script to identify any issues as a script analyst might do then we can do that. Our consultants can provide you with a list of issues that need addressing for you to work on yourself. Or our script doctors can provide you with a full blown revision of your script.

Our script doctor service provides not only a full blown revision of your script we will also provide you with editing and proofreading to ensure that it is improved technically. Our experts are often able to the issues that you are failing to see simply because they are not as close to the work as you are. Our script doctoring service provides all of the following:

  • A fully anonymous review and revision of your script according to your brief. Our experts will have no rights to the rewriting that is performed and no credits are expected or required for their work.
  • Many years of experience: many of script doctors have read through and improved thousands of scripts over the years. They really do know what works and what falls flat and can make the changes that your script really needs.
  • They will be able to improve the pace and flow of your work: they fully understand how a screenplay should be delivered depending on its genre and the intended audience and can fix issues with the speed of delivery to improve how the work is seen.
  • Improvements to transitions: moving from one scene to the next or even transitions within the different scenes often need work to make them flow well. Our experts have many years of experience allowing them to accomplish the feel that you need.
  • Improving dialog: even if the story is fantastic and gripping if your dialog fails to grab the audience you are going to have a flop. Our experts can work with you to understand your expectations from your characters and improve it significantly to make it more believable.
  • Lacking in emotion: emotions are hard to communicate through a script and sometimes they just don’t seem to come over the way you want them to. Our script doctors will be able to make the changes required to fix those issues.
  • Visually lacking: again our experts have the experience of looking through hundreds of scripts allowing them to help you to make the improvements required to your work.
  • Improving word choices: our editors know the right words to choose within your dialog to make things appear more believable and mold better to your storyline.
  • Removing errors: all of the writing is always carefully proofread. While a simple spelling mistake may not make a difference to your script it will make a huge difference to how your professionalism is perceived by anyone reading your script.

Cheap Script Doctoring

If you are worried about having to pay a high fee just so you can hire the best script doctor there is think again. As long as you hire us to do the job of polishing your script, you won’t have to spend most of your hard earned money for our fees. The reason behind this is that we’ve reduced our service fees significantly so everyone can have the chance to have their script reviewed and perfected for them.

Among our best benefits you can gain next:

  • Affordable prices that suit your budget and first time users discounts
  • Original Script
  • Qualified customer service available 24/7
  • Unlimited revisions until your full satisfaction
  • Expert script and screenplay writers
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