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How to Write Original Three Act Structure Screenplay

three act structure

Image credit:tvtropes.org

There truly is a discipline to screenplay composition. Different structures will require certain skills that are unique to it. This is true with a screenplay which has three acts. A writer has to be careful in what he or she is doing.

The Three Act Structure Involves Time

A rule of thumb in screenplay penmanship is that every page of dialogue is equal to one minute of screen exposure. This means that a screenplay of 120 pages is going to be approximately three hours long. That is important thing to keep in mind. The attention of an audience can be held only so long before the people get bored. Going over three hours for a new scriptwriter is very risky business.

Certain Things Happen in a Three Act Structure Screenplay

The acts are simply the beginning, the middle, and the end. Each section has its own activity that is unique to it. Act I is the inciting incident and a plot point needs to be made clear here. The middle section is going to be where another plot point is going to be, and in Act III the climax must appear.

You have approximately 30 pages in each act, and you need to measure your dialogue and action accordingly. That is going to mean either editing or adding to the screenplay. Going over the three hour limit can be a problem, but going too far under is also going to cause difficulty. A three act screenplay that does not have at least 100 pages may mean that the story is not completely thought out. Within the structures of the three act screenplay there is a fair amount of pressure and work that needs to be completed. It may be smart idea for you to seek professional help in producing this artistic work.

We Offer Professional Assistance

The three act screenplay is not easy to create. We make use of the service of highly professional screenwriters who worked with the three act structure before. They can offer the kind of guidance and fine-tuning that your work needs to be successful. In addition to fitting your idea into the three act structure, these experts can also give ideas and direction on how to best develop plot and the dialogue. The accepted format of screenplay writing is adhered to by all of our staff. The end result is a screenplay that adheres to the three act structure and is highly readable.

We also work to any deadline a client imposes. You can expect highly professional work. A three act screenplay needs the refining that only a seasoned professional is able to provide. We have such experts working for us and they will provide the help you need. It is a sad fact of life. But many screenplays do not get very far. Quite a few are rejected outright because of technical problems. That should not happen to you and by investing in our services, you increase your chances of that script being given serious consideration. We offer script sample , script ideas and a large variety of services for your review and we encourage you to get in touch with us about the services we can render.

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