How to Write an Explainer Video Script

The Importance of the Explainer Video Script

Explainer videos are those one or two minute videos that explain a product or service you provide. They are a great way to engage potential customers and familiarize them with your business. The first and perhaps most important part of the video making process is to write a video script. The explainer video script must catch and hold the viewers attention long enough for you to get your message across. An engaging explainer script will ensure the audience receives the message you want to convey. Wanna learn more about a script doctoring? We have a few useful tips.

Writing the Explainer Video Script

The point of an explainer video is to provide an explanation of a service or product that you want your audience to buy. The following are seven tips on how to write an explainer video script that will catch and hold your audience’s attention:

  • Setup the Problem

A hassle may be defined quick in a precise visible, or a chain of photographs displaying the same hassle again and again once more for each person. You need to set up the trouble as quickly as feasible to your explainer video script, in no greater than fifteen seconds. This shows how to write a video script.

In case your product is meant for everybody and each person, your hero(es) have to take the form of more than one people of all ages, races, and genders. Advertising and marketing an app for sexy maternity pants? Your protagonist has to be a pregnant woman. Making an explainer video for a Baron Verulam product? Cast overweight human beings. Talking of that person, whether you chose to apply disembodied voice over, or now not, we need to enjoy the product through the eyes of your key demographic.

For the app coin, it’s having too many playing cards to your pockets. For Airbnb, it’s now not being able to discover reasonably-priced resorts. Your antagonist is the hassle your product solves with the sample video script.

  • Start by Identifying What You’re Trying to Accomplish with the Video

What is the most important idea you want to communicate to your audience? Knowing what message you want to convey and who that message is meant to be heard by is necessary before anything else if you want to write an effective script. The goals you want to accomplish with your explainer film will establish the tone and theme for the video.

  • The Script Should Be Kept Short

Its length will depend on your audience. In an auditorium, an audience will take six to eight minutes before starting to lose interest. Depending on how compelling your material is and whether or not they need your product, an internet surfer may devote 2 minutes to a video. Your message should be contained in the first 30 seconds. Condense the message of your entire video to one sentence and use that sentence somewhere in the first 30 seconds of the script.

  • Seasoned Tip: Be as Precise as Possible

Whilst it could not seem vital, specificity is prime in a success explainer video script. Not most effective will beautify your explainer video. It’ll additionally give you the initial budget. Is your individual eating “at a restaurant” or a “5 celebrity eating place?”

Whilst you wreck down your script, carefully undergo each scene and determine what solid participants, props, and so forth you need to make your explainer video come to lifestyles.

In film management software like studiobinder, you can tag your elements proper at the script and it’ll auto-generate the reviews you need to begin filming. Our explainer video script template gets you software program-prepared, so download it from above and observe along. Hire an explainer video script writer for it.

  • Address the Audience as If You Were Speaking Directly to Them

Use personal pronouns like “you” and “your” as if the viewer is having a conversation with you. Facts and figures should be avoided in the video script with the focus being on benefits and solutions that can make a difference in the viewer’s life instead. Avoid talking down to your audience but at the same time don’t talk over their heads. Become friends with them and they will be far more likely to give you a chance to sell them something.

  • Determine the Appropriate Tone for Delivering Your Message

The tone you choose to write in will depend on the intended audience. However, with any script, it’s a safe assumption that your audience wants to watch something engaging, unique and useful. In that case, be personal. The viewer should be able to relate to what you are talking about.

  • Tell a Story with Your Video

People respond well to stories and pay more attention. Most explainer video scripts will follow a format where a problem is presented (my dog has fleas), a viable solution is introduced (Super X Flea Remover), how the solution works is explained ( Super X uses the latest green technology), followed by a call to action (Get rid of your dogs fleas today with Super X Flea Remover). Explaining the problem you’re solving on an emotional level convinces the viewer they should care about your solution.

  • The Video Script Should Have a Focus

A script that tries to do too many things at once isn’t going to be nearly as effective as a script that focuses on a single message and goal. What was one thing determined that this script should accomplish? Select one good example of an image that best conveys your focused message and stays with it throughout the script.

  • Offer the Solution

While you offer the solution, hit your product’s call tough at least two times. Country sincerely what your product does, however not how. Imparting the solution isn’t always similar to explaining the product. All hope seems lost. The hassle will persist all the time. However, there’s hope.

It also instills curiosity as to how you’re going to make appropriate on what you simply laid out. It could look like you ought to explain all of the fine details at this second, however, don’t. Just get across the what. It offers the viewer something concrete to latch onto. One must know that how to write a compelling script for it.

  • Explain the Way It Works

Be selective with what factoids you chose to highlight. Solution any herbal questions that might come out of your product. This is your a risk to dazzle us with how superb the product is. The explainer video template can be helpful. That is the beef of your video, approximately one minute longer. Right here you have to offer all the nifty details about how your app works.

  • Pay Attention to the Pacing of the Video

Dialogue should be kept to between 125 and 150 words a minute, even though you may be able to speak at a faster rate. This gives the audience a chance to absorb and understand what is being said. The dialogue that proceeds too fast will risk overwhelming the viewer and prevent them from understanding the explanation. When the viewer doesn’t understand something they will usually move on.

  • Working on a Kickstarter Video Production? 

The explainer video script for coolest cautiously looks ahead every time it concedes issues. While the narrator recognizes that there’s simplest a prototype, he quickly mentions that he’s already in talks with a manufacturer.

Then you’re how won’t be as nicely defined. In any case, the factor of creating a Kickstarter video is to get investment to make your product. In this case, you need to use the how phase to explain how you intend to make your product. In case you’ve been following alongside for your explainer video examples, you’ve already piqued the hobby of the viewer, so now you may actually do the explaining.

  • Call Us to Movement

Restate the trouble and your answer again in one concise sentence. Definitely state your product’s name as a minimum two times, and flash it onscreen. Your “call to motion” must be brief, but effective. Because a pitch is simplest as true as a follow-up, point us in the next direction with a website link. In case you’re posting your explainer video to youtube, make certain to feature an annotation so we are able to clearly click the video and go to the product. On our explainer video script template, you’ll notice that this section have to simplest account for 10 seconds of your explainer video. You must know how to use explainer videos.

If you don’t know how to write a video script or just lack the time, our company offers a script writing service that can handle the job for you.

Queries to Ask

  • What’s my perspective? In an explainer video, you’re either filling in an information hole or increasing your viewer’s knowledge. How are you making their lifestyles less complicated?
  • Why do I want to tell this story? Don’t make an explainer video for fun. Know your aim to assist anchor your messaging and write a powerful viral video script.
  • What price will this provide? How that comes throughout is up to you, however, it has to offer a few worthwhile facts.
  • What must my audience get rid of from this? You shouldn’t end with an overtly sales-based totally message (it can unravel the work your explainer video just did), however, there has to be a definitive takeaway. Your conclusion should have a lasting effect. In case your explainer is strong up till a shrug of a closer, all of your paintings could be for nothing. You must also know that how to make a good explainer video.
  • Why will my target audience care? Who’re you talking to, and what do they need? What are their ache points, and how are you fixing them? In case you haven’t recognized your target market, take a look at out our guide to creating purchaser personas in beneath 60 mins. This information is essential that will help you tailor your message to them. The best video script writing service can be feasible for it.

These are the helpful suggestions that you may hardly find anywhere on the internet. All you need to do is to pay full attention to these tips for the excellent writing experience for long-term.

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