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What Does It Mean to Be A Good Script Reader?

If you want to be a good script reader, it’s important to understand that why you want to become a script reader. A professional script reader has the responsibility to read all script and decide either it worth the investment of the company or not. Some people want to become script readers just to enter this industry. Their aim is to make their place as a screenplay writer. Some others want to earn from the comfort of their home. Some people consider this an easy job, but after a week or two, they realize that it’s very difficult to read so many scripts, when the majority of them are boring too.

Being a good script reader require a lot of dedication and hard work. You must have an aim. You will be very clear that why you want to be a script reader, either you want to keep the same place permanently or you have some other goals. Without a clear aim, you won’t be able to survive for long. You don’t have to read the script only, you must have learned to analyze the script. Understand the requirements of the company, you are working for and analyze the scripts according to that. This will be your key to succeed in this industry.

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Who Is Script Reader and What Does He Do?

A script reader is a person, who does script reading and write the script coverage. Script coverage is the document, which is written after a complete analysis of the script. The job of the script reader is to read the script, completely, analyze all its aspects and write a report, which is called script coverage. He mentions, about the good parts in the script and all the negative points too. He analyzes not only the story and characters but dialogues and structure of the script too. He also gives his viewpoint regarding casting and marketing of the script. Script coverage is consisting of the analysis of logline, characters, and synopsis. It also contains brief notes, which are usually not more than a page. Reader for hire is available with some companies and you can find them online too.

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How Script Reading Is Connected with Logline Synopsis?

When you do script reading, you are not just reading it. You have to analyze it.  For the sake of practice, you can read scripts online. You will realize that logline is the most important part of any screenplay. It represents the main idea of the screenplay. It gives you a clue that either script worth reading, or it is going to be another addition in the pile of rejected ones. However, when you are appointed as a script reader, your job is to read each and every line of the script. Writing a logline is a tricky business, and if a writer writes that properly, it means he has some talent. But you have to analyze all elements of a script when you write script coverage. So, you have to do the script reading carefully and you cannot rely on the logline only. You can use it as a hint only. Some writers have no idea about this when they are writing a logline.

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List of Things That Annoy Script Readers

Companies can hire script reading service or they have a full-time script reader to read the inflow of scripts. Script reading can be enjoyed if you have to read one or two. But when you have piles of scripts and the majority of them are not interesting, they got really irritated. They have to write the screenplay coverage, which forces them to read the full script. Here is the list of few things, which annoy the script readers. These are also the same for screenplay readers.

  • Writing a logline is not easy, you have to do it carefully. A bad logline is really annoying. Bad means, if it is too long or does not convey the idea of the script clearly.
  • Spelling errors are really annoying for the readers.
  • Bad writing skills are very irritating. Read script online and get an idea about the structure of sentences.
  • A common story narrated with new characters.

You can consult an online script reader before you send your script to any company. He can point out your mistakes and guide you for improvement. If you want to have some idea, you can read a screenplay online.

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A Script Reader’s Creative Checklist to Evaluate Screenplays

Read screenplays online and you will get a clue that what script readers like. Here is the checklist, which script readers use, then they have to evaluate a screenplay or script. It is divided into three parts. You have to be careful about all the points, even if you use the screenplay reader app.

Checklist 1: Plot and concept

  1. Is this idea can be marketed? For that Assume that if the trailer of the movie is made, will it be able to attract the viewers?
  2. For which age group this scrip is written? Keep the target audience in mind.
  3. Does story revolve around the lives of the important characters? The reader movie online can help you to establish such connections.
  4. Script readers are not interested in fantasy movies.
  5. Does your story have ‘hooks” to keep the reader engaged?
  6. Is this an original concept?
  7. Does the plot build gradually? If not so, you may need screenplay editing services.
  8. What is the category, is it thrilling, comedy or horror? It can be three in one too.
  9. What is the key element for which audience will watch this movie?
  10. What is the potential of the concept?
  11. Are the challenges are actually difficult for the lead character of the movie?
  12. What is the message of this script?
  13. Will the audience get the message through this storyline?
  14. Does screenplay present surprise or its predictable for the audience?
  15. Does it have an unexpected finish?
  16. Is the story realistic?
  17. Does it have the capacity to trigger emotions?

Script reader app can also be used, now a day.

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Checklist 2: Technical Specifications

  1. Formatting of the document is proper?
  2. Its properly punctuated and are there any spelling errors?
  3. Is the format has proper three-act structure?
  4. Are there any unnecessary scenes?
  5. Is it written according to the mind of the viewer?
  6. Prefer the visual effect on aural and verbal ones.
  7. Small scenes are preferred.
  8. What is the attention-grabbing incident or actually the “hook” of the movie?
  9. Is locale repeated? It maintains the flow and also saves production cost.
  10. Are scenes are written in flow?
  11. Are small details are given importance?
  12. Is there any false plot point?
  13. The length of the script should be between 110 – 125 pages.  Otherwise, you have to hire screenplay editor to cut it short.
  14. Numbering scenes is not a good idea.

Checklist 3: Characters

  1. When you write a movie script, you need to understand that complex characters are preferred. Bad characters having good intentions will work.
  2. Do the lead characters have some fears?
  3. Character traits should not be associated with his or her role.
  4. Are characters struggling with themselves and others too?
  5. IS there an important character, which can be part if your logline? If so, you have to mention that in query letter too.
  6. All the characters, particularly the lead roles, should have a clear point of view and it should be conveyed to the audience properly.
  7. Characters should have a verity of intelligence level, the way of speaking and sentence patterns.
  8. The plot of the movie should not be predictable, but the story must have a twist as a character don’t know a particular situation, but the audience has been told about that already.
  9. Characters must reflect different emotions like hate, love, revenge, cry, in different situations.
  10. Characters must have a transformation.
  11. Does screenplay synopsis show that which character will control the story? Is it lead character? How much is his or her involvement?

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