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Don’t Be a Dummy and Use These 7 Rules for Writing Short Films

Creating short films is actually a great way to start your scriptwriting career. Although it’s not the same as writing a script for a full length movie, the same principles are applied to it.

What’s great about writing short films nowadays is the fact that there are more outlets to choose from other than TV. Thanks to the Internet, there are many short films being shown online thus creating a worldwide interest for them.

7 Rules to Writing Short Films like a Pro

  1. Keep It Short. If you’re going to read screenwriting for dummies, you will find that those who write short films are often asked to keep their script as short as possible say around 7 to 8 pages long. Of course, filming your script shouldn’t look rushed because it will look like it is done by an amateur. Yes, it can be cheap but not that cheap looking. If you are aiming for your film to be shown in a film festival, it has to be short so others will have a chance to be shown.
  2. Be Practical. As much as you would like to add high speed chases and dragons in your story, think of the practical side to it. Will you have the budget for it or even the technology needed to pull these gimmicks off?
  3. Make Your Script Visual. Screenwriting experts often tell newbies that when writing their script, it should be more visual. You shouldn’t have to tell what is going on but rather let the audience understand it through actions. To make your film a hit, add visual backstories for the people in your script. This way, it will be easier for your viewers to understand and relate to your characters.
  4. Find Those Single Instances. If you’ve been watching short films you probably like those that have a single scene but tells a lot of stories. You can do the same to your own script by adding a deadline or time to the story which the protagonist has to act upon.
  5. You Should Tell Your Story. Short films are meant to tell stories so unless your script is really, really short, make it a point to have a protagonist, antagonist, and obstacle. This will help keep your viewers at the edge of their seats even if your film is just a few minutes.
  6. Keep Your Readers Engaged. Because you are writing a script for short films it is important that the first page makes an impact to your readers the same way page 10 of a script for a full length movie should hook the readers. Ask yourself what reactions you want to get from your readers, who you want them to root for, and so on.
  7. Watch Out for Cliches. Clichés can kill your story because your readers as well as viewers have seen hundreds of films of the same format. If you are going to use a cliché try adding a fresh spin to it so your readers will get a surprise out of it.

How to Write a Short Film Script with Our Experts

Sometimes converting your ideas into real words is tough because you may not be able to find the right words at all. Should this stop you from giving life to your ideas? Of course not!

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