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Worst Screenwriting Mistakes

If it is your passion to write for films or plays, then you should invest on gathering knowledge and skills on screenwriting. Check out the following for the top mistakes as well as a few tips to remember when script writing.
screenwriting mistakes

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Worst Screenwriting Mistakes

  1. Wrong Format Slug Lines (Scene Descriptions)
  2. Overly Detailed Character Description
  3. Too Much Or Too Little Detail In The Narrative
  4. Narrative That Won’t Read On Film
  5. Back To Back Scenes In The Same Location
  6. Nick-Of-Time Arrivals
  7. Clichéd Dialogue
  8. Camera Angles, Music/Credits Info
  9. Lumpy Exposition
  10. Ho-Hum Reaction To Death, Injury
  11. Poor Creation Of Tension And Motivation
  12. Unreal Action
  13. Show, Don’t Tell

 Additional Tips for Screenwriting

  1. Establish and maintain a clear voice. Remember that every character in the script has a personality and speech pattern. If you would make them sound the same, you won’t sound genuine and your audience won’t feel connected. In short, each voice must be consistent and distinct for credibility and fluidity.
  2. Give directions, so you should give cues in the script on how the actors must say their line.
  3. Show, don’t tell. Maintain a well-placed line to give your audience information about the past as well as clues about the future events in your story. In short, you don’t need to say. Be able to get your message across without restating or stating the already obvious.
  4. Be aware of the adrenaline levels of your readers. You also have to consider that a well-made script has questions left unanswered at the end of each scene so that the audience will be interested to find out more on what will happen next.

If you are an aspiring screenwriter, avoid the top 13 mistakes as well as the tips that will help you become better among other screen writers. Also, remember to get your head in the game so you may want to practice more, take a crash course in screenwriting, attend seminars and read books. Yes, it takes time to be a good scriptwriter, but you will be rewarded in the end if scriptwriting is what you want as a career. There are also the experts to help you with scriptwriting. So if you need a script written and you think that you cannot still do it yourself, hire the pros that can accomplish the task for you.

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