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Turn Your Story into Screenplay- How to Write a Movie Script

Perhaps you have an idea or a story you feel is worthy of a movie script. It is possible you have a short story already written that you wish to convert into action dialogue. You have to understand that wanting to write a movie script and actually writing one are two separate things. Those who know how to write a movie script understand it is different than writing a novel.

How to Write a Movie Script Effectively

Character development is going to be very important. People have to be able to relate to the hero or heroine. They also have to be able to recognize quickly any conflict or tension. Dialogue has to be written in a commonly understood accent. You are not writing Shakespeare when you are doing a movie script. If you have a short story, you will have to turn the action into words. You cannot be as descriptive as you are in writing a small book; the camera will be doing all of that.

Movie Scripts Are Not Lengthy Documents

You may have written a novel of around 300 or more pages. That works for a book, but it is completely unacceptable for a movie script. The rule of thumb is that every page of script equates to one minute of screen action. In other words, your 300 page book would be a five hour movie and the audience will not tolerate that. You have to be able to put the story in a script that is anywhere from 90 to 120 pages long. That is it. Any shorter means the plot might not be fully developed and any longer risks losing the audience. Along the way, you have to adhere to the rules of writing a movie script which includes margins, font type, the title page, and other matters pertaining exclusively to a movie script. You also are facing a very strong possibility of rejection if your script falls short. Most movie scripts do not get a second reading because of one shortcoming or another.

We Can Help You Advance Your Script

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The road to completing a movie script can be very long and full of obstacles. We are the type of professional group that removes the barriers and helps you prepare a script worth reading. Our staff is made of seasoned professionals who have worked on any number of movie script projects. They are familiar with genres such as Romance, Martial Arts, Thriller, and Comedy among others. They also are very familiar with the right format of the script. They will not only help you with character development and plot, these professionals will also proof the final copy so there are no errors. The overall intent is to see to it that your movie script gets a fair hearing from producers and directors.

A movie script is a complicated animal and a good idea is to seek professional help. We are leaders in the field of scriptwriting and we can certainly provide you with support you need. Our rates are extremely reasonable, and we will be glad to work with a deadline you provide us. Your story does not have to stay on the shelf in some dark corner of your house. We can provide tips on script writing or information on how to find time to write and help bring it to light and give it the life. It needs to be very marketable.

We’re happy to help you, and we’ll be in contact.