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Screenplay Title Page Writing Sample

If you wish to write a screenplay that gets more than just a glance you are going to need to follow a certain format. Scripts have to be produced in such a way that there is no problem regarding information or content. Directors and producers are going to expect a certain style or they are not going to be interested at all. You have to keep this in mind.

This Is What a Screenplay Title Page Must Have

This page requires 12 pt. Courier font. Approximately one third of the page down from the top should be the title of the script in capital letters. The next thing should be the by – line which is the name of the author or authors. This is capitalized only. One third up from the bottom should be the contact information and this has to be comprehensive. You have to give everything necessary to get in touch with you or your agent. Therefore, the screenplay title page, ought to look something like this:




John D. Writer

Writers United Agency

1234 El Camino Dr.

Los Angeles, CA 90025

310 – 881 – 1212


Script Headers Provide Additional Information

The script header contains information that tells all the more about the script itself. This is going to include not only the name of the script but also the date of the script creation. The author, the intent of the script, and any history of revisions will be included in the script header. This provides the reader with information right away so that questions are answered immediately.

Templates Can Be Used

The screenplay title page format is something that can be found on a template. At the same time, you have to be careful about the niceties of doing the pages properly. It may seem extremely unfair but the entire script can be rejected if the proper format is not followed. This is a way of the screen out a number of scripts. Poor formatting of the wrong information telegraphs to the reader that the script writer is a little bit clumsy. The understanding is that if these important pages are put together a sloppy fashion, the same may be true for the plot and other parts of the content. Everything has to be taken very seriously.

screenplay title page

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We Can Help You Avoid Errors

It’s the little mistakes that often destroy all the effort. You do not want that to happen, and you should have your work checked by professionals before it is submitted. We provide tips on script writing, free screenwriting software and we also have experienced screenwriters on staff who will check your work to be sure everything is as it should be. It doesn’t matter if it is a minor or major mistake. Our staff can detect it and make the corrections before the work is submitted. It means that you have the right information where it is supposed to be and everything looks perfect. It is what you truly want to have. We also have other services that you may want to consider to help fine-tune and polish that creative work of yours.

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