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Make Any Story Better with These 5 Script Writing Tips

A good story, regardless of whether it is a screen play, poem, or even fiction, is one that captures the reader through its words and makes an impression that they will carry with them for years. For those who want to make their story sound better, here are 5 script writing tips that are worth taking into consideration.

Script Writing Tips to Consider

  1. Establish a clear voice and make sure that you maintain it. The characters in your story should have their own unique voice to discern them from one another. Some may have a way with words, while others speak in monosyllables, or even in grunts. The key here is for you to keep your characters’ voice throughout your story. You’ve probably read novels and may even use the voices there in your own story but make sure that you add a unique spin to yours to make it your own.
  2. Give directions. In scriptwriting, the script writer sometimes gives cues to the actor on how to say their lines or how to act in a particular scene. The same thing can be done when writing a story. Writers know when to add cues by using bold to emphasize a particular emotion or stress to the sentence as well as em dashes, italics, and even ellipses. However, there is a tendency to overuse these tools in writing which you need to be careful of. The best way to determine if your writing needs more emphasis or cues on certain areas is to read it from start to finish then add them if you think it will help that particular scene in your story.
  3. Speak in the vernacular. Your characters have their own personality which can be conveyed through their speech and the more natural that they sound the better your readers will get to relate to them. This means that your characters shouldn’t sound like that they have swallowed a whole text book when speaking. Grammar rules should still be applied, however, no matter what it is you are writing but, depending on the setting, there are some grammar rules that can be bend to convey a better picture, mood, or emotion. For example, if you are writing a casual blog post, essay, or even if you want your short story to generate a casual mood, being a stickler for grammar rules may hinder your writing.
  4. Don’t tell your readers, show them. There are some plays where the Narrator has to explain a position but most script writers try to avoid this as much as possible because a good rule of thumb is to show readers rather than tell them what is happening in a particular scene. The audience or readers can easily pick up on the story as long as there are clues provided. Keep in mind that your readers are smart and they will be able to pick up the message that you are trying to send as long as you write it well.
  5. Leave your readers hanging. Scriptwriters know how valuable that 15 minutes break is that is why they make sure that their audience won’t make the intermission an excuse to leave the room. The best way to keep them in their seats is to leave them hanging after each act so they will want to know what happens next. The same thing can be applied to your writing short stories, novels, and the like. Is the adrenaline of your readers on high? Good. Then end your chapter and move on to the next.

Need to Learn Script Writing Basics?

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