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How to Write an Explainer Video Script: Top 7 Tips

The Importance of the Explainer Video Script

Explainer videos are those one or two minute videos that explain a product or service you provide. They are a great way to engage potential customers and familiarize them with your business. The first and perhaps most important part of the video making process is to write a video script. The explainer video script must catch and hold the viewers attention long enough for you to get your message across. An engaging explainer script will ensure the audience receives the message you want to convey. Wanna learn more about a script doctoring? We have a few useful tips.

Writing the Explainer Video Script

The point of an explainer video is to provide an explanation of a service or product that you want your audience to buy. The following are seven tips on how to write an explainer video script that will catch and hold your audience’s attention:

explainer video scriptStart by identifying what you’re trying to accomplish with the video. What is the most important idea you want to communicate to your audience? Knowing what message you want to convey and who that message is meant to be heard by is necessary before anything else if you want to write an effective script. The goals you want to accomplish with your explainer film will establish the tone and theme for the video.

explainer scriptThe script should be kept short. Its length will depend on your audience. In an auditorium an audience will take six to eight minutes before starting to lose interest. Depending on how compelling your material is and whether or not they need your product, an internet surfer may devote 2 minutes to a video. Your message should be contained in the first 30 seconds. Condense the message of your entire video to one sentence and use that sentence somewhere in the first 30 seconds of the script.

write a video scriptAddress the audience as if you were speaking directly to them. Use personal pronouns like “you” and “your” as if the viewer is having a conversation with you. Facts and figures should be avoided in the video script with the focus being on benefits and solutions that can make a difference in the viewer’s life instead. Avoid talking down to your audience but at the same time don’t talk over their heads. Become friends with them and they will be far more likely to give you a chance to sell them something.

how to write a video scriptDetermine the appropriate tone for delivering your message. The tone you choose to write in will depend on the intended audience. However, with any script, it’s a safe assumption that your audience wants to watch something engaging, unique and useful. In that case, be personal. The viewer should be able to relate to what you are talking about.

script writing serviceTell a story with your video. People respond well to stories and pay more attention. Most explainer video scripts will follow a format where a problem is presented (my dog has fleas), a viable solution is introduced (Super X Flea Remover), how the solution works is explained ( Super X uses the latest green technology), followed by a call to action (Get rid of your dogs fleas today with Super X Flea Remover). Explaining the problem you’re solving on an emotional level convinces the viewer they should care about your solution.

explainer video scriptThe video script should have a focus. A script that tries to do too many things at once isn’t going to be nearly as effective as a script that focuses on a single message and goal. What one thing was determined that this script should accomplish? Select one good example of an image that best conveys your focused message and stay with it throughout the script.

explainer scriptPay attention to the pacing of the video. Dialogue should be kept to between 125 and 150 words a minute, even though you may be able to speak at a faster rate. This gives the audience a chance to absorb and understand what is being said. Dialogue that proceeds too fast will risk overwhelming the viewer and prevent them from understanding the explanation. When the viewer doesn’t understand something they will usually move on.

If you don’t know how to write a video script or just lack the time, our company offers a script writing service that can handle the job for you.

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