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How to Write a Script- Step by Step Guide

how to write a script

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Perhaps you have decided to put that great thought of yours into a script. This can be for the stage, television, or the movies. Creativity is all part of being a script writer and you certainly have that flair for words. You do have to keep in mind that there is a certain way to go about doing this. Those who know how to write script pages understand the discipline.

Script Writing Follows a Formal Process

There are some rules that you have to follow it comes to write a formal script. It must have a title page that includes not only the title but also contact information about yourself and that of your agent. Scripts are ordinarily written in Courier font 12 point and proper indentations are needed for each part of the text. Format is going to be extremely important and if you do not follow it, you can expect the script to be rejected.

The Story Is Important

The premise is the guiding thought throughout the script. It very briefly gives an idea of what the plot is going to be. An outline gives you a blueprint that you will follow in constructing the story, and this is something that you should keep referring back to throughout the writing process. You will have introduce characters in the proper order and have them drive the action of your story. Dialogue is going to be important as well as the gradual unfolding of the story in the script.

Scripts are not meant to be major literary works; they should be less than 100 pages. Those pages, by the way, need to be written in script format. It means having a standard middle of the page form for the media industry. You also should expect to do a lot of editing work, and revision in the process of completing the script. The final step is to have it reviewed by a knowledgeable person. The final script also should be without any grammatical mistakes or misspellings. There is a substantial amount of pressure in doing a good script because many of them are rejected outright.

Consider Professional Help in How to Write a Script

If this is your first script, then you should not try to do it alone. Inexperience can be a problem as you are not fully aware of all that goes into doing the work. We can provide the kind of professional help that you need to produce a very polished script. We can help you decide which media it should be written for, and help you with the formatting and development of the plot. Our staff are seasoned professionals who worked on script projects in the past. Their guidance can be instrumental in helping you create a superior working document.

The rejection rate on scripts is staggering and you have to improve your chances. That is best done by using professional help in delivering a high quality script. We have services that you can use to bring to life that idea. There is a story which has been forming in your head for so many years. We have a number of scriptwriting options that you can consider. Please do contact us about our script writing services.

We can be a little extra edge that you need in getting your script read and ultimately accepted!