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How to Write a Comic Book Script

Comic books are not just kids’ stuff. Many adults are serious collectors and will spend the money to add good works to their inventory. As a writer, you want to be able to expand your horizons and comic books are a possibility. You have to keep in mind that how to write a comic book script involves both prose and also visual art.

Good Comic Book Writing Is Two-Fold

As a comic book writer, you will be drafting a script at the same time visualizing the pictures. While you don’t have to worry about precise script format, you have to be able to write the plot at the same time instruct the artist on what has to be drawn. That requires a fair amount of detail and directions. You will be thinking not just in words, but also in images.

Scenes Have to Be Broken Down

how to write a comic book script

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You have to think in terms of panels that are in sequence. Each panel has a certain action and certain dialogue to it. An outline has to be developed and carefully followed. There is still the need for character development. Furthermore, the story has to go from start to finish in a logical way. You cannot wander around because the readers can swiftly get bored. Throughout the entire process, you have to be willing to edit what you are doing. That means doing edits not only of the script but also of the pictures. It is as if one hand is writing the script while the other hand is preparing the pictures. It can become a very confusing process.

We Can Advise You on How to Write a Comic Book

The process can be a little bit bewildering for some people. We can help make things a lot clearer for you without professional assistance. We work with comic book writers who understand the importance of all the steps. You can very easily farm out some of the work, such as the picture instructions, and concentrate on those areas where your expertise is strongest. This is not a sign of any weakness, but a very practical business decision. The comic book has to tell a good story both in words and in images. Allowing experts to work in one area permits you to focus on the other.

Our staff has the reputation of working in collaborative efforts. They help the client by both giving advice and working side-by-side with that person. The mission is to develop a comic book script that is going to be marketable. Our writers can help you deliver on that, because they know everything on video game script writing and how to write a movie script.

Comic books are a great medium, but only the best are going to get published. You want to be able to present a script that tells a great story and provides excellent pictures at the same time. That can be a tall order and you do not need to perform all the tasks by yourself. You can delegate some of the work to our professionals. Working together, we both can create a script that will be noticed.

Please do feel free to contact us and we can explore with you all of the services we can place at your disposal!