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How to Tell if Your Script Idea Is Successful

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You may be facing a lot of uncertainty as you start down the road of scriptwriting. You may have an idea or concept that you think is quite good but how would you know? This is where the clouds cover the landscape. You do not want to spend your time on a hopeless project, and there has to be way to figure out whether or not that script idea of yours is really going to pay off.

Script Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen

This may sound very nasty, but it’s very true. Any director or producer will tell you that they receive dozens of scripts every month and few of them are worth looking at. Situations arise where several scripts carry the same idea or a variation of it. Only one of the writers has a chance in that situation and the others fall to the wayside. Don’t be surprised if your idea is one that someone else has thought of before.

Short Script Ideas Are a Way of Starting out

Do not get too discouraged. After all, William Shakespeare didn’t have a lot of original ideas when he wrote his scripts. It is important to do a little brainstorming and creative thinking when it comes to generating an idea for the script. You can think of normal scripts that are shorter; whether they happen to be plays or film shorts as a means of getting the creative juices flowing. These are ways of starting out, and they are not as lengthy as a normal script might be. You can also talk to people whom you trust and ask them to help you develop ideas. You will discover that most of your friends are willing to help because they enjoy doing something like that. You also should think of perhaps doing a little creative brainstorming with some trained professionals. We can certainly help.

Our Staff Can Help You with Ideas

We work with highly skilled professionals who are very experienced in scriptwriting. They can help you get the creative process flowing with ideas and suggestions that you can capitalize on. Depending on the services that you request from us, these same veterans can also help you develop the plot and character structure for that script. This takes script ideas from being a mental exercise to something which is actually worked on.

The idea for script not only has to be able to put in writing best must answer a very important business question: “Will it sell?” It does not do any good to have an idea that simply is not marketable. It is unfortunately a waste of time if a creative idea is not something producers or directors will consider. We can help you navigate towards those ideas that have a chance of being sold as a working script. We can also provide screenplay example or sample scripts and  help you develop and refine the plot so that it catches the attention of those who make the buying decisions. It is very much a long way from a concept to a business deal.

With our help the distance can be shortened for you!