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How to Plan Your Plot Structure

The story may be great, but without a disciplined structure it rambles around. You have to be able to take that creative notion of yours and turn it into a story that captures the imagination. Plot structure is how you go about creating a frame within which the tale can be told.

Back Story and Exposition Are Part of the Plot Structure

The character has to be fleshed out with a back story that explains motivation. It doesn’t have to be right at the beginning of the script, but can be in little pieces throughout the story. Exposition is what the audience must have a complete understanding of, and this part of the story needs to be shown through conflict in the dialogue. It is something that has to be action oriented.

Plot Structure Contains Other Essential Elements

Pace is important because if the story starts to slow down too much the audience will get bored. There can be dramatic irony, turning points which move the narrative into another direction, and roadblocks that will have to be overcome by your character. Ultimately, a resolution has to be arrived at as well. You started out with what was a creative idea and now you’re looking at a very sizable project. The plot is also governed by the length a script is allowed to be. You have to put everything into somewhere between 90 to 120 pages of script. There is a lot that has to be included from the title page to the back cover. You can easily get discouraged by all of this, but you do not have to lose hope. If you are running into difficulties the best decision would be to seek the help of professionals in doing the writing.

We Can Help You in Writing Plot Structure

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Seasoned professionals can provide great service. These veterans of the script world know all about exposition and turning points. They can take your original draft and fine tune it so that it looks that much better. We work with such people and they have helped many novice scriptwriters produce excellent stories. Our staff is well known for coaching skills. Working with them you can discover a lot more about plot structure than you ever did before. If a situation calls for a deadline to be met, it is not a problem for us to achieve. We will work to whatever schedule you have for us and deliver a completed project. The final result will of course be grammatically correct with no misspelled words in it.

There is a lot riding on a good script. If it is accepted by a movie production company the script can fetch a very nice price. You want to be able to market a good script and the plot structure has to be tight. Let us help you achieve that goal. Our staff knows how to be a comic book writer or how to sell a screenplay and  is more than able to provide the finishing touches your plot needs to be presentable. Our fees are very reasonable and you can consider them an investment in your future success. If a script is worth writing it is worth being the best possible.

We can work with you to make that great script a reality!