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Full Guide on Script Analysis

What Is Script Analysis?

script analysis

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Script analysis is the breaking down of a script into its various components to thoroughly understand the story. A director performs a script analysis in order to understand every detail about the story they are telling. An analysis involves plenty of work to dissect the script to find out what it is about, what works and what doesn’t. Script analysis for actors keeps them on steady course with the intentions of the screenwriter so they can boil down the scene into a playable objective. It’s an organizational skill and a collaborative tool that helps actors make clear and confident choices in their preparation. Analysis of a script is not the same thing as a script critique. An analysis is generally done in order to perform a script whereas a critique is the evaluation of the way the script was written.

How to Perform a Script Analysis

The script analysis is a process that has you examining every element of the script. The basic steps of the script analysis are:

  1. Read the screenplay once for pleasure and to get a first impression. Do it without giving much consideration to the analysis. read it like you would read any story for pleasure.
  1. Read it again, this time looking for answers to the following questions:
    • Action:-What happens in the script? How is the actions structured? What happens first, next, last, and why? How is each action connected to the next? What is the pace of the actions? Are the events mainly personal, political, social, comic or serious, natural or unnatural? What or who is the cause of the events? What desire or series of desires drives the action forward? What is the obstacle to achieving this desire? How is the audience’s sense of anticipation about the outcome manipulated in the script?
    • Character:-Who are the characters in the script? What basic facts does the script provide about the characters such as age and occupation? Are they individuals or types? What are the relationships among individuals or groups? What do they want? Why do they want it? What is the obstacle preventing them from getting what they want? What do they do to get it? What happens when they do or do not reach their desires?
    • Setting– Where and when does the action occur? How many places are there? What kinds of places are they? How does the action move from one place to another? When do the actions occur? What is the time span of the script? How important is setting to the story? What is the relationship between the characters and the setting?
  1. Perform an analysis of each scene looking for answers to the following questions in each:
    • What is the intent of the scene?
    • What are the points that move the story forward?
    • What is the climax of each scene?
    • How does the scene end?
    • What are the important lines of dialogue in each scene?
    • Which character controls the scene?
  1. Collaborate with others involved in the screenplay. It can provide valuable insights as well as letting them know you value their opinions and contributions.

Script analysis can be both tedious and time consuming but if performed properly gives you the ability to present the story in a manner that will more fully engage the audience. If you are having difficulty with script analysis we offer a service that can help.

Professional Script Analysis

script analysis

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