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Best 10 Script Writing Tips for A Selling Screenplay

Script Writing Tips That Will Make Your Screenplay More Marketable

Most people write a screenplay with the hopes of selling it someday. They look for script writing secrets that will ensure they have a hit. There are no secrets to writing a good screenplay, but there are an abundance of good tips for screen writing available for aspiring writers. The following are 10 script writing tips that will help in writing a screenplay that sells:

Your script should have a main character people can identify with and relate to. It is the main characters motivations that drive the story forward. When the audience is able to relate to the main character they develop more interest in the story. They can put themselves inside the character and experience emotions through the character.

script writing tipsThere should be one clear and visible goal that the main character is trying to accomplish in the story, whether it be stopping the bad guy, winning the love of another character or saving the world. To obtain this goal there will be seemingly impossible obstacles to overcome. To succeed the character must face these obstacles and display emotional courage greater than they ever have in the past.

tips for script writingFind the right genre for your story idea. A majority of scripts fail at the beginning, not because the idea wasn’t good, but because the writer chose the wrong genre to develop their idea. There are many genres to choose from, and each will take a story idea in very different directions so choosing the correct genre is critical. The key to choosing the right genres is found in the story idea itself. Rather than attempting to copy popular movies that have been made, you need to find what is original to your story and find the genres inherent to that idea. The right genres highlight the inherent strengths of the idea and hide the inherent weaknesses.

script writing secretsInvestigate other forms of writing. Most people in the film business have neither the time nor inclination to teach you how to write, so it is up to you to teach yourself. Study theater to learn about character and dialogue and use one of the numerous books of play-writing exercises that will help you improve your skills in writing dialogue for actors. Study poetry to develop a sense of rhythm and economy of language. Study fiction to understand the power of narrative momentum.

how to write a scriptEvoke emotions in your audience. The power of a screenplay lies in its ability to make an emotional connection with the reader and with a movie audience. The reason most people go to a movie is to feel some sort of an emotion. When something happens to your main character people should care. Work on your script so that it not only moves you personally, but so that it moves the reader.

script writing servicesWrite what you are good at. If you aren’t a funny person then you shouldn’t be trying to write a comedy. Learn what your strengths are and write something that makes use of those strengths. You know what type of writer you are and you should know your own strengths and play to them. If you’re not sure then have somebody take a look at your work and tell you what they like about your writing. Figuring out your strengths is better done sooner than later. Shaping a screenplay around your strengths will make for a better script as well as make the process of writing easier.

script writing tipsWrite for an audience. Don’t write a screenplay that appeals only to you and what you want. Write something that considers your audience, and is complimentary towards their having paid to see your movie. Ultimately it is the audience that will pass judgment on your screenplay. If you produce something they don’t understand it isn’t because your screenplay was too intellectual for the audience. It is because you failed to keep the audience in mind.

tips for script writingDon’t get too attached. Sometimes writers fall in love with a scene they have written whether it is necessary or not. This can result in a boring scene or one that the audience will find confusing. If it isn’t necessary and doesn’t add something to the script, get rid of it. No matter how much you love something you have written, don’t hesitate to remove it if it isn’t working.

script writing secretsGet feedback on your script. Not everybody sees your story they way that you do. Feedback will help you to figure out your script’s shortcomings so you can address them. The sooner you become accustomed to receiving feedback the sooner you’ll be able to appreciate the difference between what’s useful and what’s not. Feedback from friends and family is fine as long as you can depend on them to give you honest opinions on what works and what doesn’t.

how to write a scriptRewrite and revise often. Submit a polished script that is free of errors and has all the wrinkles worked out. Eliminating errors in spelling and grammar is important, but even more important is to make sure your story is as good as you can make it before submitting your script. Take your time and go back and fix what isn’t working.

Hopefully these online script writing tips will be useful in writing your own hit screenplay. If you are having difficulty with some part of how to write a script, our company offers script writing services that can help.

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