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What Is Script Doctoring?

script doctoring

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A script doctor is an accomplished screen writer hired to help a script overcome some specific problems, often just before a movie goes into production. Script doctoring is not to be confused with a script treatment. Writing a script treatment provides an overview of the screenplay and describes the main action sequences of the screenplay. Stylistically it is similar to a short story. Script doctoring may involve fixing a little dialogue here and there, rewriting a particular character or restructuring an entire act. Script doctors generally don’t get official credit for any work they have done on a film but they do command some substantial fees. Any script editing a script doctor does is unaccredited as the Writers Guild of America says a writer must contribute at least 50% of the script for an original idea, or 33% in the case of an adaptation to receive accreditation. Anything less than that results in an unaccredited rewrite. Many people would be surprised by who some of the biggest script doctors in Hollywood are as well as some of the films that they have rescued.

Some Famous Hollywood Script Doctors

Script doctoring is a common occurrence in Hollywood. The following are some well-known screenwriters that have also provided script doctoring for movies:

script doctoringMost movie goers know Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. Fisher is also the best-selling author of such famous books as Postcards from the Edge and Wishful Drinking. What people don’t know is that she has some pretty big, unaccredited titles that she has contributed her writing skills too. These include Sister Act, Hook, Lethal Weapon 3, The Wedding Singer, and The Last Action Hero, all of which are credited to writers other than Carrie Fisher. Yet, she’s the one who was brought in to clean up and improve dialogue and other story issues on those films.

script doctoringQuentin Tarantino’s first became known to audiences with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. However, it isn’t so well known that Tarantino contributed additional dialogue to Crimson Tide and The Rock that was uncredited. He has also involved in the Saturday Night Live spin-off it’s Pat, which he is most likely happy to not receive credit for.


script treatmentJoss Whedon is the man who created cult television hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly. He now runs Marvel’s The Avengers franchise. Aside from that his services have long been in demand for rewrites and script doctoring. Some of his uncredited rewrites include Twister, X-Men, Waterworld, and Speed. Whedon is normally brought in on rewrites due to his knack for dialogue. For Speed, the bulk of the dialogue was his doing but he has said that only one or two lines from his work on X-Men made it to the final film. He still got paid anyway.

script treatmentAaron Sorkin who got an Oscar for The Social Network was called on to help polish scripts for movies like The Rock and Enemy of the State. Steven Spielberg also made use of Sorkin’s talent to give some touch-up work on the screenplay for his drama, Schindler’s List.


writing a script treatmentSir Tom Stoppard earned an Academy Award for his screenplay Shakespeare in Love and wrote the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. He has done some unaccredited script doctoring on the action adventure classic Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade which consisted of writing most of the dialogue, as well as the Revenge of The Sith.

Script doctoring isn’t just for Hollywood hits. If you have a script that needs some doctoring our script writing service can help.

About Our Script Writing Service

We provide script writing, script editing and script analysis as part of our script writing services. If you have a script that you aren’t happy with, we can provide in-depth script doctoring to any aspect of the script you need. Our professional scriptwriters are skilled and have extensive script writing experience. The can work with you to rewrite any portion of a script you feel is lacking. Some of the benefits of working with our service include:

  • Fast turnaround times available for rush jobs
  • Inexpensive rates that won’t break your budget. Discounts are available.
  • Ordering and paying process is simple
  • Client support always available 24/7

When you have a script that needs help, contact us for script doctoring services that can nurse your script back to good health.

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