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5 Secrets of How to Sell a Screenplay

how to sell a screenplay

Image credit:www.scriptmag.com

A screenplay is a creative work that can make a writer both famous and financially well-off. It is because a screenplay fetch a rather high prices that people are always trying to find out how to sell a screenplay. While some production companies will accept direct queries, your best route is to go through an agent. These people make a business of pitching screenplays to the various movie companies. There are a few inside secrets that can help you.

  1. How to Sell a Screenplay Professionally? Write a Great Query Letter for Starts. This is a one page letter that actually is a marketing piece. You need to write a letter that immediately gets the attention of an agent. It is a sales pitch that can convince a person to look at the screenplay itself.
  2. Always Refer to Your Script as Your Most Recent One. Don’t tell anybody that it is your first script because that is a certain way to get it ignored.
  3. Research the Agents. You cannot assume that a script agent represents all genres of screenplays. Some will specialize only in comedies or action/adventure, or some other niche. Look for an agent who specializes in the genre that your script is in. When you are doing the research also make a note of whether or not the agent accepts unsolicited work. That is also an indicator of an agent you can contact with information
  4. Send out Your Query Letter and Script to As Many Agents as Possible. There is one caveat in sending out the information. Check the agent’s website or other information about how that person wants information delivered. Some will ask only for an email while others want the query letter and the script at the same time. Don’t get discouraged if all that is asked for is just the query letter. Make a note of when and if a response is sent to you. You should concentrate on those agents who will reply to your query.
  5. Write a Killer Screenplay. This is a highly competitive business and many screenplays are rejected out of hand. Your query letter may have generated an interest but if the screenplay looks boring, it is going to go absolutely nowhere. There is a lot of money involved here and your screenplay can make you rich. If it is a poor copy then you have wasted your time.

We Can Assist You in Writing Screenplays That Sell

Our staff consists of professionals who have worked with screenplays and have had them accepted and sold by agents. These people can give you the ins and outs of how to write a great screenplay, and what strategies you need to market that work of yours. Our staff can also go over your screenplay and do some fine-tuning. That will increase its chances of being noticed. They can help with the query letter and give some ideas as to where the information should be sent and to what agents. We have other services that can help make your work highly marketable.

It sometimes takes the guidance of expert who knows everything about screenwriting contests and  how to be a comic book writer to get your screenplay off the launch pad. Realizing that many screenplays never go anywhere, it is a good idea to have professionals help you get the work sold. We have expertise that you need to improve the chances your work is going to be favorably received by an agent.

Please feel free to contact us and describe in detail all we can do on your behalf!