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30 Tips You Never Knew About Scriptwriting

Writing scripts is not an easy thing to do as others can attest to. It takes time before the best script can come out even if you are a great scriptwriter.

For budding scriptwriters who want to pursue this career, learning more about scriptwriting is a must as it will pave the way for future scriptwriters to develop stories that will cater to their audience.

30 Scriptwriting Tips That You Can Follow

  1. Create an outline. Having an outline will give you an idea on how the flow of your story will be.
  2. Use a glossary for scriptwriting. It pays to have a scriptwriting glossary on hand so you will know the appropriate abbreviations and terminologies to incorporate into your story.
  3. Check out Plotbot. If you are interested in collaborating with other scriptwriters, Plotbot will come in handy because it allows you to put your script online and make it editable just like in the case of Wiki.
  4. Look for fellow scriptwriters in your area. There is nothing like finding other scriptwriters in your area to make your work more interesting. Plus you get to bandy ideas around which can make your imagination run wild.
  5. Read the best blogs for screenwriting. Blogs for screenwriting can be helpful as some of them post their own script writing guide to help out other writers.
  6. Watch great screenplays. One way to know more about how to write a great script is to watch screenplays that have been nominated as the best screenplays. Study them carefully.
  7. Work on your logline. Your logline is a short description of what your play or story is going to be about.
  8. Write on your iPad or iPhone or smartphone. Don’t use the excuse that you don’t have a paper or pen to stop you from writing your script. You have your smartphone which you can use to store your ideas.
  9. Review bad movies. Bad movies can still be used when studying on how to become a good scriptwriter. Analyzing the story and thinking of how to improve the story can help you with your writing skills.
  10. Use a database for movie quotes. You probably have a quote in mind but not sure whether it has already been used. If this is the case, check out a database for movie quotes.
  11. Build a poster for your script. Getting a poster for your script can help you see how others will visualize your story and even inspire you to work on your script harder.
  12. Select the right show on TV. If you are into spec writing, it pays to know which TV shows are in their prime and which ones are no longer attracting their intended audience.
  13. Start writing. Stop spending more hours online than writing. Turn off your WiFi and get back to work.
  14. Try the Slutsky-Monroe technique. If you are running out of ideas for your script, have a friend or family member pace around as you bandy ideas about. Ask what ifs and how abouts and see if you don’t find a good idea somewhere.
  15. Know the breakdown of the five plot point. Breaking down a movie’s plot will help you determine which scene falls under what category.
  16. Review the best scripts. Scripts are sometimes shared online so look for the best script and study them to see how they are constructed and how they flow.
  17. Perform the script you wrote. This is a good way to get a feel on how your story will sound like when performed so you can make changes as you see fit.
  18. Read just like Steven Soderbergh. The film director recommends budding scriptwriters to vary the media that they are reading especially when working on your script not only to get ideas but also to learn more on what’s a hit with the audience and which ones are not.
  19. Donate to Writing Programs. Giving a donation to writing programs not only helps the community of writers but also give you access to new knowledge regarding writing scripts.
  20. Look for your writing music. If you write better with music on, go for it.
  21. Take a look at Reddit for screenwriting. Reddit has tools for scriptwriters to use as well as place for writers to meet other people to share ideas with.
  22. Learn the format. Depending on what script you are writing, make sure that you follow the proper format.
  23. Write the story that you want. This is what will make you unique among the sea of writers.
  24. Look at photographs. You can gain inspiration just by looking at photographs.
  25. Believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid of your dream. Just go for it.
  26. Join a scriptwriting group in Facebook. Reaching out to likeminded individuals can help you become a better writer. Facebook is just one place to find such people.
  27. Write your script backwards. One technique to get you out of that slump is to write your story backwards.
  28. Avoid mistakes. Go over your script several times to ensure that there are no errors. Describe a particular gesture, action, emotion, and others.
  29. Review script ideas that were a hit. Learn from other scriptwriters how they managed to sell their ideas.
  30. Take all the time you need. You don’t have to rush into writing your script. Give yourself time to polish yours.

Do You Need a Guide to Script Writing?

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