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12 Screenwriting Resources on the Web That Every Writer Have to Know

Have you ever experienced struggling to write the rest of your script while sitting in a coffee shop? Have you been trying to visualize what Milan looks like or even Greenland for that matter?

Are you even entertaining thoughts of writing about a true story? Whatever it is that you have in mind, the good news is that there are various resources that you can use to develop your script.

12 Best Screenwriting Resources to Use

  1. Feedback Friday. In this blog, budding screenwriters are invited to send in the first 10 pages of their script to be reviewed by other writers as well as Robert Dillon. The feedback that you can get here can spark further discussion on how best to improve your work.
  2. Random Wikipedia Entry. If you are looking for a good source of ideas, check out the “random Wikipedia entry” button on the Wikipedia site. There have been screenwriters who found some great stories here that they transformed into an amazing script.
  3. Evernote. If you’re doing research, it is best to have this installed in your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can use this program to clip images, links, videos, and the like to preview later. You can easily make script editing whenever needed.
  4. Seventh Sanctum Generators. This is another screenwriting resource that is worth looking into especially if you are running out of ideas to write about. Even if you are looking for names for your characters or inspiration, for sure you will enjoy this site.
  5. IMFDB. Not good about firearms but you need them for your script? This site should be definitely included in your writing arsenal. Here you will find the information you will need regarding firearms so you can include it in your script.
  6. Scriptshadow. Every screenwriter should check this blog out if you want to know more about how writing scripts work. What’s more, you can get your script featured in their “Amateur Friday” where a script written by an amateur will be shown and discussed.
  7. MapCrunch. You don’t really need to leave your home or the coffee shop for that matter to get an idea on how a place looks like as this program will give you a preview of the place from your computer.
  8. 8Tracks. This is a good place for you to find some great playlists to listen to while tapping away on your computer.
  9. Script Frenzy. Every April, Script Frenzy invites scriptwriters to produce a 100 page script in 30 days. This is a great challenge because you will have to write every single day to meet their requirements. Even if you are just doing freewriting, it can still help you develop your ideas without having to worry about the structure as of yet.
  10. IMSDB. What better way to improve your script than getting access to hundreds of thousands of scripts for review? You can use them as your guide and even sources of inspiration if need be.
  11. Semicolon Visual Guide. There are many readers who get frustrated when they see a semicolon used improperly. Save yourself from the trouble and check out Semicolon Visual Guide so you will know that you are using it right.
  12. Go Into the Story. Screenwriters should include this blog in their list of resources because here you can get an updated list of Specs not to mention videos of interviews that are relevant to screenwriting.

Need More Script Resources?

If you are looking for more resources for screen writing then we are more than happy to help. We can provide you with our own list of possible resources that you can try out if you want to improve your writing. Aside from this, you can also take advantage of our writing services if you need help with developing your story.

Expert Writers

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Aside from the screenwriting resources mentioned above, it pays to have a reliable screen writing service on hand in case you need someone to review, edit, or write your story from scratch. With our expert writers on board our team, you are guaranteed to get the best service all the time.

Get more screenwriting resources from us and improve your writing skills fast!