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10 Reasons Your Screen Play Writing Screwed Up and How to Fix It

For budding script writers, screen play writing can be daunting especially when you want to get your work out there. Yes, there are hundreds of wannabe writers out there who feel like that everything they churn out are golden but it doesn’t work that way.

A good scriptwriter carefully thinks of his story, the plot, the characters, the twists, and even the format and grammar.

10 Common Errors in Screen Play Writing and How to Fix Them

  • No one has read your work yet. Except for you, of course. Someone who reads your screenplay title page for the first time will most likely spot errors such as typos, grammar mistakes, and the like. Save them from getting a migraine by proofreading your work and making necessary changes. You can ask others to proofread your work too so you won’t be biased in checking your paper for errors.
  • You write about what you don’t know. It’s easy to write about anything under the sun including those that you don’t know anything about thanks to the Internet. However, you need to keep in mind that others can check too. The best way to avoid this is to become at one with the character. If you’re character is a clown, an artist, or a journalist, use the right language.
  • You forgot to choose your genre. Those who will be reading your script should get an idea on what genre you are in right from the start. Failing to indicate this can leave your readers confused. The best way to fix this is by using the first five pages of your script to tell your readers what your story is about.
  • Too much text on the page. If you tend to write with the goal of filling up the page with text, just stop. You are not responsible for directing the play, what your characters will be wearing, and what not. To fix this issue, review your work and remove everything that aren’t necessary in your paper. Leave white space to make it easier on the eyes of your readers.
  • Your work failed the Bechdel test. Ask yourself if you have two women characters in your story that talk to each other about other things aside from man. Chances are, you probably don’t. This is a common mistake in many screenplays that leave readers grinding their teeth. When you write a screen play, it is important that you move away from stereotyping as this is old and shows lack of skill on your part. There are plenty of real women out there and not just those whiny mothers, blonde bombshell, and the like.
  • It doesn’t have the Z-factor. There are some scripts that don’t really have that z-factor that adds a twist to the story. Read your work and see if it would be more interesting if you add a totally surprising character into the fray or will it unravel the already good story you have on hand.
  • You’re writing what you already know. Hundreds of scriptwriters out there tend to write about what they already know or have experienced in life such as the getting over a disease, suffering from depression, letting the one true love disappear, and so on. This is already old news and many are looking for interesting new stories rather than the ones that happen daily. The best way to broaden your writing is to experience things and even talk to those who are in the sidelines. You might find an interesting story here and there.
  • Your protagonist remains unclear. If your readers haven’t met your protagonist yet by page 10 but have already met several characters, you’re clearly missing out a lot. As much as possible, your protagonist should be introduced early on and what her story is about so your reader will get the picture immediately. Make your reader fall in love with the character.
  • Your writing is too smooth. Most scriptwriters write about their characters as if they don’t have flaws and the bad guys are typically depicted as being gruff, scary-looking, and have hundreds of henchmen at their beck and call. And by the time your story ends, your gorgeous protagonists are off towards the setting sun in each other’s arms. This is actually boring because it’s the same as with other scripts out there. Keep in mind that in real life people are defined by their flaws. You don’t have to be tall model-like beauty to become a protagonist. Add rough edges to your character to make them more interesting and life like.
  • There’s not enough on your page. Another common mistake that scriptwriters make is writing about noting interesting in their story. Their characters are lame, there are no plots or sub-plots, and there are no dramatic ironies even. If you look at the best screenplays, you will find the script may appear simple on the outside but there are plenty of narrative techniques being used on the inside. Learn how to create suspense or drama. Develop your writing tool.

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